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The Contractor You Can Count On.

Although complex, trenching is a fairly common practice. ATL can be counted on to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

ATL is among the top trenching contractors in Bermuda and has been expertly fulfilling our customers’ trenching & excavation needs since 2016.

Whether you’re installing a single utility line for a residential project or the entire infrastructure for a commercial project, the excavation experts at Ascendant Technologies Ltd. can help you choose the right type of trenching for your needs.

We complete trenching requirements for Both Large & Small Projects.

We have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to handle trenching/excavation projects of all sizes.

Our team is properly trained on their use and are kept current with regard to safety issues and is also BELCO safety certified.

ATL has an on-call team of engineers and mechanics to maintain and keep our equipment operable. Our current equipment includes a CT45 excavator together with relevant attachments, CT16 mini – excavator with relevant attachments, RT 16 Walk -behind trencher and, a HLQ– 27 Road cutting machine.

Our excavation services are best suited for:

We Provide Site Surveys & Consultation

Site visits are necessary to scope out the work required on a trenching project and also identify the need for a survey or not.

They are usually brief and also provide the opportunity for the customer to have some say in the location and finish of the trenching work.

Most trenching projects are best carried out after a survey has been completed. This ensures that the team is aware of obstructions that may be in the path of the trench (cables, pipes etc.).

Depending on the terrain and the ownership of the land to be trenched, documentation may be available and current and eliminate the need for a new survey.

ATL Is Dedicated To Providing Our Clients With Quality Service At The Best Possible Price

You can expect prices to vary depending on the size of the project and site, and other variables such as ground type and traffic conditions. You will find our service and pricing to be competitive.

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