Ascendant Technologies Ltd.

We are a family business focused on Community Development & Customer Satisfaction.

ATL strives to be #1 in Bermuda’s IT industry by providing superior customer service through consistency, high safety standards and dedication to excellence.

Accomplishment, Generosity & Excellence.

With an intention to succeed and set ourselves apart, we built this business, in 2008, on the timeless pillars of Accomplishment, Generosity and Excellence.

  • We finish what we start because we begin with the end result in mind
  • The more we give to you, our customers, and the community, the more we receive
  • Our service and solutions are top tier because we continuously learn, grow, implement and fine tune our knowledge and service standards

We Don't Just Fix Problems; We Educate Our Customers.

There is nothing more infuriating for a customer than to have the same issue over and over with a product or service. Couple that with lack of knowledge, and the result is avoidable frustration.

It is our responsibility to help our customers not to encounter the same problem twice. How do we do this? First, we resolve the presenting problem, address any underlying issues and finally we educate the customer.

We value customer connection which is why we spend the time to take care of their needs.

Our team is committed to providing prompt and quality service in all areas.

You Are Not Determined By Your Environment, But By The Choices You Make In Spite Of It.

The company’s management team are college graduates with degrees in Electronic Technology through J. F. Drake State Community and Technical College.

They worked at the top electronic companies following their graduation - Ken at Telecom and Tyrone at Bermuda Security Group and then the IT department for the Ministry of Education.

As their experience and skills progressed they began to transition into working for themselves.

It was through this transition that Ascendant Technologies Ltd. was established in Middletown.


Integrity, Consistency & Trustworthiness.

Influenced by the environment, impacted by the neighborhood stigma, but having the resolve to not be determined by it has had the company, and its owners grow from strength to strength.

Since opening its doors, ATL has grown in impact, influence and service provision despite the sometimes overwhelming odds that could have easily turned into roadblocks to their success.

A commitment to operating in integrity and consistently demonstrating trustworthiness with customers presented the business with the opportunity to diversify and expand beyond offering IT Services and compete in the additional areas of Security Systems, Trenching/Excavation, Project Management, Small Office/Home Renovations, Roadside Tree Trimming, and Landscaping.

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