Ascendant Technologies Ltd.

take your connectivity to new heights At Home & In The Office

Your home and your business rely on efficient communications.

Our reliance on Wi-Fi and other means of digital communication is increasing exponentially as we embark on a mission to make everything efficient and “smart”.

No one likes unstable connections… so, stop settling for them.

It’s all about connections & networking.

You’ve got tech issues that we’ve got solutions for.

IT for your business

Your ability to establish and maintain reliable connections increases your potential to compete both locally and globally.

Reliable communications systems are fundamental to the success of your business.

ATL is multi-disciplined in providing infrastructure solutions.

We provide a range of structured cabling and technical installation services.

Our Information and Communications Technology services include but are not limited to:

IT for your home

The network within your home should be as seamless as the network in your workplace. The IT services you receive at home should be as efficient and effective as your workplace too.

That’s why we offer our residential customers the same level of service and support as we do our business customers.

Desire seamless connectivity between your devices?
Looking to simplify your “SMART” home?
Tired of your WiFi being unreliable based on the room you’re in?
Computer running slow? Need repair or software upgrade assistance?

Our services include but are not limited to:

We resolve your technical issues the first time!

It’s important for your internet, computer, cable box, modem/router to be installed correctly and working upon purchase.

We take the time to walk you through exactly what’s required, and ensure that everything that’s been installed is working correctly before we leave.

We also inform you about basic troubleshooting methods to minimize frustration should anything stop working.

Not sure how a device works or connects?

Feel free to ask our experienced team members. They’ll be happy to spend the time speaking with you so that you gain an understanding of the technology you’re using.


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