ATL believes the more you give, the more you receive.

For a number of years, the ATL’S bosses, Kenneth and Tyrone, have attempted to help out students in Primary and Middle Schools across the island.

Typically, they would provide the schools with reconditioned personal computers at various times during the school year. 2016 is to be no exception!

While the final details are still being worked out, ATL intend to adopt three primary schools this year; and working with three teachers, ATL will try to help with any short fall of resources between those provided by the Department of Education and the particular teacher’s personal wish list for their class and students for this year. Therefore, rather than an unexpected gift as in previous years; this year the teachers will have input into the actual contribution.
One of the reasons details are still being finalized, is the fact that the actual shortages will not be confirmed by the teachers until they return to their class rooms in early September.

ATL are excited about the prospect of helping with the teachers’ wish lists for their young Bermudian students and have set aside a budget specifically for this purpose. Because of ATL’s expertise in IT, they expect to provide financial assistance in the IT area. However, they are prepared to use this budget to acquire any other items that the teacher may wish, within reason of course.

If other local businesses are interested in joining in this program, feel free to contact Kenneth Butterfield for more details.