IT/Cabling Services


Information Technology

We know that your business relies on efficient communications systems for networks, telephony and ICT systems. ATL is a multi-disciplined installer of infrastructure solutions, providing a comprehensive range of structured cabling and technical installation services. Whether you require network outlets, telephone services relocated, or looking to wire or re-wire your premises – we can help.

More specifically, included in our IT/Cabling service, we install or extend wifi, configure routers, install cable boxes, install modems and coax cabling. We also provide consultations utilizing best practices and generally accepted standards. We also connect home devices and wireless devices.

Some examples of our specialty work are troubleshooting and resolving speed issues, other home issues and network cable installations, CAT 5, 6, and reconfiguring network panels. PC repairs and upgrades also form a considerable part of our work. Below is a list of IT/Cabling services we offer:


Access to the internet is a necessity for most households today and ATL has a team of trained technicians who are courteous, professional and dedicated to this line of work. Whether you are installing WIFI for the first time or extending it, so that you can have access from all parts of the house, ATL is your solution.


Efficient and reliable access to the internet using a WIFI connection will require efficient routers, properly configured. Our technicians would check the wiring and settings to ensure that the router is doing its job effectively. Often a reconfiguration is required to get the optimal performance.


ATL is one of the primary installers for Logic customers. We work closely with the Cablevision team at Logic to ensure all new customers are properly serviced. With one of our technicians on site with immediate access to the Cablevision technicians in the head office, installations are quick and painless.


Modems are normally provided by either BTC or Logic, as they are the only source for this service locally at this time. Our knowledgeable technicians have worked closed with both organizations in businesses and residences to ensure that the installation and set-up of modems is done quickly and efficiently. The process is relatively straightforward but does demand experienced technicians at either end of the new line at the initial set-up.


Where the need arises to run cable from the outside pedestal into the property and into different areas, our technicians, in consultation with the property owners would install the necessary footage of cable neatly and professionally.


ATL is a one stop shop for home computer / WIFI connectivity solutions. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, whatever device meets your personal needs, ATL will ensure that every device is properly communicating and also accessing the internet.


As the name of this service suggests, ATL are often called upon to resolve connectivity, speed and access problems that may have resulted from a poor initial install by another service provider. We don’t judge, we just fix the problem.


ATL sometimes utilize their trenching team to assist in the installation of cable especially if there a long distances involved. This brings more speed and efficiency to the cable laying process and the customer is guaranteed a clean professional finish.


If required, ATL will make adjustments to the panel, if that is what is required.


Our IT technicians are skilled hardware repair guys. We would access computer problems and recommend a number of solutions. Replace parts, upgrade, adjust settings or throw away and start again. We may need to remove the equipment from the property and resolve the problem back at our offices.


  • Associate degree in Electronic Technology 100% 100%
  • Motorola Certification in Smartnet 85% 85%
  • Motorola Certification in Smartzone 80% 80%
  • Fiber Optics Level 3 and 5 94% 94%
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) 84% 84%
  • Dell certification 100% 100%
  • Smart board Certification 92% 92%
  • Project Management Institute Certification 84% 84%