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Ascendant Technologies Limited, (ATL), has been operating since 2008 and continues to grow across all of its service lines offered in Bermuda.

A family business focused on community development and customer satisfaction. ATL is committed to providing its customers with prompt service and access to quality equipment; and the company employs all qualified, safety-oriented operators, highly skilled mechanics and utilizes very competitive pricing.

ATL has all the necessary equipment required to get jobs done efficiently. The company strives to be the #1 in the industry on the island by continuing to provide superior service through hard work, high safety standards and dedication to excellence.

One of the goals of the company is to develop long lasting partnerships with customers who share their core values of integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness.

ATL offers a diverse line of products and services – Trenching, IT cabling, Permacrete resurfacing and residential/commercial security systems. ATL works closely with BTC, BELCO and LOGIC customers’ and is BELCO safety-certified. ATL prides itself on safety to ensure that workers and clients are protected at all times.

Call today to arrange an assessment with one of our team of highly-qualified professionals. Let us show you what ATL can do to meet your particular requirements.